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Customer-centric decision making




When describing my job, I often explain it shortly as:

‘Simplifying complexity to facilitate customer-centric decision making’.

While the bit more
elaborate version is:

‘Analysing complex scenarios by the use of design activities that focus on listening to both customers, employees and stakeholders in order to create a holistic understanding of the interactions a customer or employee has with a brand and its service.

These derived insights are communicated both visual and actionable, to consequently enable cross-functional teams
deliver the ideal service experience’.

In case you’re familiar to common buzzwords, I’d divide my expertise as: 
Experiment Design   CX Strategy   Service Design  
User Research  |  UX Design


Work experience

Currently working at IKEA.

In my career, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many different companies in various B2C and B2B industries, such as:


A tale of two ...

As mentioned in the book This is Service Design Thinking “If you asked 10 people what service design is, you would end up with 11 different answers – at least“. 

In my opinion, the most effective way to explain service design and every association with it, is to make it concrete and relatable. For example by the famous restaurant example of
 Nielsen Norman Group, or Fjord’s a tale of two coffee shops short film based on Marc Fonteijn’s one-liner:


Customer-centric mindset

To empathise with the interactions a customer or employee has with a brand and its service, I use different tools and methodologies.

As these are means to listen, create and deliver – and not a goal on itself, they are always tailored to the client’s context, challenge and ambition.  

Yet if I had to roughly divide 100% of the deliverables of my work, it would be close to the following:

CX vision & strategic frameworks
% of my deliverables 30%
Customer journey maps (current and future state)
Experience flows & Service blueprints
Roadmaps for Agile execution
Concept mock-ups & Wireframes
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Recent work

Interested in some of my work? Feel free to view my portfolio.