Integral digital service for PublishOne

We worked with PublishOne to understand and map the needs and tasks of Authors, Editors and Publishers to design an integral digital publishing service with relevant presented information and functionality per user role.

Our main focus for PublishOne was to deliver a digital service that offers simplicity to authors and that structures complexity to editors and publishers, making the publishing tool more accessible for all user roles.

To realise this, I conducted 15 in-depth interviews to map out the experience flow in order to illustrate the needs and tasks of all user roles within the different workflow steps of the publishing process.

The resulting wireframes, illustrated a UX tailored to the different roles, such as presenting a card view of assigned documents for authors, presenting an overview of active projects for editors and an overview of all active users and their contributions for publishers.

Involved client for this project: PublishOne

PostNL UX design & Customer Journeys

We redesigned both the flow as well as the visual design of the PostNL Parcel Machine and the PostNL retail system.

Other PostNL confidential projects I have worked on, include:

  • Highlevel As Is and To Be customer journeys for: Customers (senders and receivers) and Small businesses
  • Concept scenarios for new retail experiences and new delivery options
  • Complete redesign of the delivery app
  • Website wireframe of PostNL brand portal

KLM Health Services – Website redesign

The goal of this project was to reduce over 10 separate websites to one.

To tackle this, we analysed the different websites by mapping out and clustering all content, allowing us to design a first concept proposal.

This proposal was then used as probe in co-creation sessions with both B2C and B2B customers that had used the individual websites.

These sessions proved their value in helping to formulate five design principles that later informed the design and iteration process on the delivered design templates.

View the result on
The website is also available in English.

Visual design by: Joris Hoogendoorn
Involved clients for this project: KLM Health Services, Airport Medical Services, BuZa.

Pick Up and Play – Student project

For my master thesis, I aimed to better understand the role of the tangible qualities and the domestic setting in relation to current music experiences, and what implications this brings for designing for music and other media platforms.

To tackle this problem, I applied a research through design approach called ‘conceptual design proposals’ (Gaver and Martin, 2000) that led to a concept called ‘Pick Up and Play’ as displayed in the video you can find here.

Involved clients for this project: Spotify, IKEA
As part of Mobile Life Centre, Stockholm under supervision of professor Barry Brown.

Read the whole thesis on Issuu!

This project was published in:

BookThere’s not an app for that: Mobile User experience design for life, by Simon Robinson, Gary Marsden and Matt Jones.

TV: TV 4 Swedish News as part of a documentary about the Mobile Life Centre. The video you can find here.

Web publications: The project was published on (amongst others): Yanko DesignBoing Boing and PSFK.

More student projects, such as Arduino prototype, on YouTube! Or click on any of the social media links on the left.