Vodafone CXX – Customer journey design

This project was focused on improving the Vodafone customer experience, across all markets.

In our case, we focused on both renewing customers as well as customers that could become ‘converged’ (combining mobile with home services).

In order to get to a holistic understanding that would enable us to formulate the to be achieved global design principles, we held over 5 workshops, across Europe, to learn from the current challenges and success stories of the local markets.

Involved client for this project: Vodafone Group
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Vodafone Cloud & Message+ – Customer journey design

We were asked to assist with the exploration of Cloud sharing scenarios, which would accordingly be used to enrich Vodafone’s instant messaging app, Message+.

By analysing the earlier conducted market research, customer needs and industry examples, enabled us to cluster our insights to design principles. The according design principles were then used for the ideation phase, aligned with the strategy for Message+.

When communicating this strategy to the Vodafone stakeholders, several service design methods were used, e.g. a customer journey to stress Message+ as phone centric experience, mock ups of bus posters to translate findings to marketing propositions and sketched out scenarios enhanced with use cases to address the relevance for both Vodafone as well its customers.

Involved client for this project: Vodafone Group

VSHANAB – Customer journey design

For this project I was asked to visualise the 12 roles within VSHANAB, how they were all connected to each other, the (shared) problems they were facing with, and most of all, what they needed from an IT perspective to perform their job to their satisfaction.

One general journey was visualised displaying the overall process and UX issues, accordingly 12 individual visuals were created to display the specific role’s most important tasks, pain points and wishes on the one hand, while on the other (the back side of the visual), the IT requirements (e.g. which software they work with, who they report to and how, which devices they work with etc.).

Involved client for this project: VSHANAB