Tangible interaction for Spotify

Pick up and Play
Conceptual probe ‘Pick up and Play’

Understanding the role of the tangible qualities and the domestic setting in relation to current music experiences, and what implications this brings for designing for music and other media platforms.

Time period | December, 2012 – June, 2013
Client | Spotify
Expertise | Design Research

A concept called “Pick Up and Play” – a tangible music interface to Spotify – was designed as conceptual probe to discuss and understand the advantages of tangible music which have now disappeared, and what values we have gained for it in replace.

Simultaneously, the concept has received a considerable amount of media attention by a range of design blogs worldwide.

Published in
Book: There’s not an app for that: Mobile User experience design for life, by Simon Robinson, Gary Marsden and Matt Jones.

TV: TV 4 Swedish News as part of a documentary about the Mobile Life Centre.

Web publications: The project was published on (amongst others): Yanko Design, Boing Boing and PSFK.

Industry whitepaper: Pick up and play: understanding tangibility for cloud media (Brown, Lindley, Martens, McMillan, Sellen –  MUM 2015).