Digital Service for PublishOne


Final design PublishOne

Designing an integral digital service for publishing, while offering simplicity to authors and structuring complexity to editors and publishers.

Time period| January, 2017 – February, 2018
Client | PublishOne
Expertise | Service Design, User Research & UX Design

We worked with PublishOne to understand and map the needs and tasks of Authors, Editors and Publishers to design an integral digital publishing service with relevant presented information and functionality per user role.

To realise this, I conducted 15 in-depth interviews to map out the experience flow in order to illustrate the needs and tasks of all user roles within the different workflow steps of the publishing process.

The resulting wireframes, illustrated a UX tailored to the different roles, such as presenting a card view of assigned documents for authors, presenting an overview of active projects for editors and an overview of all active users and their contributions for publishers. View the video below:

case PublishOne01