CX vision for Schiphol Airport


Co-creation session with Dutch leisure travellers

Defining and developing a customer experience vision for all touch-points of the entire passenger journey across digital and physical channels for Dutch leisure travellers.

Time period | July, 2017 – January, 2018
Client | Schiphol Airport / Royal Schiphol Group
Expertise | Service Design & User Research

06. ToBeCommercialJourney

We worked closely with the Consumer Marketing team at Schiphol Group to deliver a CX strategy with vision pillars, commercial focus points and tangible service scenarios.

Using a service safari and interviews at the airport we put existing insights and learnings from desk research into context and developed a holistic understanding of the ecosystem.

Our journey approach enabled us to create shared ownership across the various client stakeholders involved: shifting from a silo’d channel mindset to a horizontal journey mindset.

We then involved both the client-team and leisure passengers in co-creation sessions to validate customer insights and hypotheses and ideate commercial concept scenarios with them. The scenarios were clustered into three CX pillars: Guide Me, Relieve Me and Excite Me. Service scenarios were defined for each pillar addressing customer needs and commercial opportunities. Each scenario was scored on design principles and KPI target potential.

After the CX strategy was defined, we then facilitated the marketing roadmap planning by balancing CX pillars and business objectives.

08. CX_Pillars_Scenarios