My name is Roy Martens, 28 years old.

I love football and motorcycles, and I’m always in for a good laugh.

Since November 2013 working as Service Designer at Essense, Amsterdam – and if I had to describe my role in one (very long) sentence, it would be something close to the following:

“I analyse complex topics by the use of service design activities that engage with customers and/or stakeholders, in order to formulate design principles that represent the derived insights, and communicate these visually (e.g. customer journey, persona, experience flow, wireframe, …) to actively make sure that the to be designed experience represents a well-grounded, holistic improvement.

Top qualities:

Conceptual design, Design research & analysis, Service Design, User involvement, UX Design and Workshop facilitation.


Qualitative: Workshops (co-creation, stakeholders, users…), Interviews, Diary studies, Observation, Generative sessions (conceptual, probes, prototypes).

Quantitative: Surveys, Google analytics

Deliverables: From framing …. (e.g. as is customer journeys) … to envisioning (e.g. experience flows, wireframes, to be customer journeys and scenarios)

Educational background

2011 – 2013 – Graduated with Excellence / Cum Laude
Syddansk Universitet M.Sc., IT Product Design
Worked with a variety of international companies such as IKEA, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, SAP and Spotify.

2008 – 2011
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven B.Sc., Industrial Design
Worked with a variety of Dutch companies such as Embedded Fitness and AreaFiftyOne skatepark.